Friday, June 29, 2007

Pain for Gain (and totally for the kids)

It all started with our wonderful facilitator in China, Ming, who “agreed” to have his legs waxed to help a child identified by the mobile medical unit in Anhui. We don’t think he actually knew what he was agreeing to, but when he makes a promise it is kept, and so a box of strip wax was hastily mailed to China and on a mobile medical run the PTs hid their smiles as they assisted wth his leg hair removal. Over $1000 was donated to his effort. Xie Xie Ming!

Next, in Ireland a retired neighbor of one of our LWB volunteers, who is a member of the Garda (police) male voice choir, heard about the wonderful chivalry of Ming in China and declared he would do the same! Rip!! Thank you Tom Casey of Dublin, Ireland and the whole choir for supporting his valiant effort. All for the kids!

Then the craze spread to Limerick in Ireland where 6 men heard the call and offered their legs, arms, chest (ouch!) and even shaved their heads all for the cause of the children!
Ger, Billy, John, Neil, Martin & Ger are brave men. Thank you all!

A few extra Euro was thrown into the pot when some women realized they could be the one to tear the wax strips off their men. All for the kids of course!

See our mobile medical page at :
for more information … or to donate. The winners are the children in all this … over $5000 was raised with these “fun” events!

Well done men!! We salute you!!