Wednesday, January 31, 2007

New Foster Care Program

The Foster Team of Love Without Boundaries are pleased to announce the commencement of our 12th foster care program in China. The new program is located in Fuyang, Western Anhui and the children are due to be moved in late January 2007 to new foster care homes. We are currently seeking sponsors for these precious children.

Arlene Howard
Foster Care Program Director

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Happy New Year

Dear Aunt,

How are you? I am an orphan, but I am sill a lucky girl. There are many people caring about me and supporting me. I feel very happy. You support me from a remote place and donate your love to me. You are the most loving person in the world.
I have started to live in a new school, as other boarders do. I eat in the cafeteria three meals every day. Recently, my grades fluctuated. I kind of always feel that even though I tried my best, my grades were still not good. I feel really upset about it. But I will keep on telling myself that I surely will study hard and have full confidence in myself. I believe that confidence is the number one guarantee to success.

Your love is not only material support, but also spiritual support. I believe I will achieve excellent grades with your spiritual support. I have lots and lots of words beyond my capability to express. Your devotion to me can not be measured by anything. All I want to say to you in one word is I love you.

Happy New Year!

Posted by Linda Mitchell
Education Program Director

Monday, January 29, 2007

Caring at Heartbridge

Baby Yang, Jia, Jiao (heart), Jiao (megacolon), Li, Cong, Hua, and Ying are our first residents at a very special place – the Heartbridge Pediatric Rehabilitation Unit. All of these children have serious medical conditions, many with very serious heart defects. Yang had her successful heart surgery last week and will join Li, Jia, Jiao, Li, Ying, and Cong as they all recover from their heart surgeries.

Children like Jia, who have very serious heart surgeries, take a lot of care as they are recovering. Jia has touched many people’s hearts with her very sweet personality. While at Heartbridge, she went in cardiac arrest, but received immediate treatment and has been getting excellent medical care. She will soon be having a cardiac assessment. Her heart defect is very serious and even thought she has received the first part of a heart surgery, her heart is still unstable. She is at the very best place, watched very closely and will get the help that she needs.

The name Heartbridge was the inspiration of our Heartbridge Coordinator, Shane Thompson. Shane thought the name was fitting as it "bridged" the partnership between LWB and HFH and it provided loving care thus the "Heart" part of the name.

Heartbridge has been in the minds of many of us as we discussed the medical care of the children we help. We knew that there was a need for a place to prepare children for surgeries and to provide a place that would allow them to recover after a serious surgery. As often happens at LWB, when we began to think about how to get those best outcomes, an opportunity quickly presented itself, and the Heartbridge Pediatric Rehabilitation Unit was begun.

Through a partnership with the HFH in Beijing, a 9 bed unit for pre- and postoperative children was opened in October to help kids build strength and foster healing. The loving and professional staff at Heartbridge provides care 24/7 for the kids with a variety of medical issues in a beautiful suite of beds inside HFH. As children prepare for or recover from surgery they are provided with high quality nutrition, medical interventions and therapy, just like a rehabilitation center here in the U.S.

LWB's goal is to help Heartbridge kids have their surgeries with the results they deserve so that they can prepare for healthy lives, hopefully with adoptive families. Since its opening in October, 2006, we've already seen the success that Heartbridge can provide. Beds are now available for sponsorship on our special Heartbridge webpage. Children like Jia can now be given the best care that we can give them.

**** P.S. Baby Yang's heart surgery was a success and she will soon be returning to Heartbridge to continue her recovery. We are so happy that her first heart surgery has gone so well!!

Karen Maunu
Medical Director

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Chinese New Year Theme Auction

There is a Chinese New Year/Chinese theme auction going on at the Love Without Boundaries eBay store.

There is a link to all Chinese theme items to the left on the store homepage. Many pieces of jewelry, clothing, and decorations.

It is also time to shop for spring clothing and there are some cute items on auction as well. Please keep checking back as well because other items will be added.

Don't miss out on the Love's Journey book! The amount available is very limited. It is a wonderful keepsake and gift.

LWB eBay Store

Thank you for you support,

Laura Sundvall
eBay Store Listing Volunteer

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Friday, January 26, 2007

January Newsletter

Our January Newsletter is now available for your reading pleasure!

Click Here

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Straight From The Hearts of Our Donors!

We recently received this photo from the Qujiang orphanage in Guangdong Province. Qujiang is one of our older nutrition programs (started in early 2005), and it is the model of what I would love to see for every orphanage. We send the very best formula there, and the director was so impressed with the results that he now buys the same brand as well. The results have been so gratifying, with healthy babies and the most positive reports from parents who adopt "our" kids!

I always love to see the brand new babies, and it is so wonderful to watch their progress over the the months that follow. I got a little sentimental the other day, and thought about how this baby's first bottle came straight from the hearts of our donors, mostly other parents who have previously adopted from Qujiang. Hey little baby, welcome to the family!

Jan Champoux
Nutrition Director

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Sweet Baby Yang

When little Yang first arrived to her home orphanage, she was very weak and sick. The orphanage had her examined and it was quickly discovered that she was suffering from severe heart disease. We sent her down to Hangzhou Children's Hospital right away for surgery, but the surgeons there told us that she was just too sick to survive open heart surgery. We then made the decision to send baby Yang to our Heartbridge Unit at the Hope Foster Home in Beijing. This unit has two purposes. Some of the children here are too weak currently for surgery, and so they are getting intensive nurturing to get them to the weights they need to be for their operations. It also serves as a "step down" unit post surgery for babies who have more serious issues and who need one on one care.

When Yang first arrived at Heartbridge, Dr. Hill wrote us and told us that she was very weak indeed. But slowly she began to get stronger. However, Yang had another serious setback in December when she spiked a very high fever and was rushed to the hospital. It was then that we learned that she had a vegatative growth on her heart valves. She was put on a course of the strongest IV antibiotics possible, and for weeks her body tried to clear the infection. Finally Dr. Hill told us that she felt we had to make a decision about Yang's surgery, so last week we sent this beautiful baby to Hangzhou, with the hopes that she is now well enough for her operation. We all know we have a very small window of opportunity for her to be healed, as her heart condition is just so serious.

Tonight, (Thursday morning China time), baby Yang will be taken into surgery. This will be her one chance to be healed and live a normal life. All of us at LWB are thinking of Yang and praying that she does well. Her fighting spirit has been so amazing, and when I saw her in person in December she gripped my finger tightly in her hand as if to say "believe in me".

Thank you all for lifting up Yang and thinking of her tonight. She is a very special little girl and we all want to see her grow up and find a family of her own to love her.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Beautiful Faces

LWB is often contacted by orphanage groups who wish to start programs in their children's hometowns. We are only able to do this when we can guarantee that regional monitors are in place to have good accountability, in order to follow the children and make sure that progress is being made. Before we begin any program, we send our facilitators to make site visits.

Before the visits, these new cities to LWB are just place names, but after the visits....everything changes. No longer is it just an orphanage name on paper or in an email. It all becomes "real" as we study faces, memorize names, and begin to learn the stories of the beautiful children living there.

Recently one of our facilitators made a visit to the Sichuan province, as we consider beginning a new nutrition program there. We know you will enjoy seeing the faces of some of the children as much as we did.